Getting Started with Chalk Couture

Chalkology Paste vs. Ink – What’s the difference?

Chalk Couture offers two different products to use with our transfers to create marvellous designs! Chalkology pastes and inks, both are which are non-toxic. So let’s dive into them a little further and learn about their differences and when to use them.


Temporary and water-soluble – No need to worry if you are a messy crafter because our pastes can be easily removed with water!

Drying Time – Paste dries much quicker than inks and often requires our paste and peel method when working on projects.

Usage – Use the pastes on our reusable surfaces, chalkboards, paper, wood, windows, walls, and more!

Comes in over 40 different colours and shimmers!


Permanent once heat set – Even though they only become permanent once heat set, inks are harder to remove from porous materials such as fabrics, wood, etc.

Usage – Use our inks on fabrics, glassware, ceramics, outdoor decor and more!

Make sure that these products can withstand being heat set in the oven (for glassware, ceramics, etc.) or used with an iron (for fabrics).

Comes in over 20 different colours and shimmers!

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