Getting Started with Chalk Couture

How to Make Beautiful Creations with Chalk Couture


  • Chalk Couture Transfer(s)
  • The surface you will be chalking on
  • Our Chalkology Paste or Ink
  • Squeegee / Detail Tool / Multi-Tool
  • Towel for fuzzing
  • paper towel or damp cloth – to clean your squeegee if you are using multiple colours

NOTE: Grab a Chalk Couture Try Me Kit Here. These kits come with everything you need to make some beautiful decor.

Want to know the difference between paste and ink? check out this post here.

Here’s a video showing step-by-step instructions on how to chalk! You can also follow the written instructions below.


Peel the transfer off the backing sheet and grab a towel or our fuzzing cloth place the transfer on the cloth/towel and peel it off a couple of times. Doing this ensures that when you place the transfer on your surface, you won’t have a hard time peeling it off when you are done, possibly recking your transfer.


Test the stickiness of the transfer on your surface first. To do this place just the corner of your transfer onto your surface and peel it off. If it is difficult to peel off repeat step 1. Now that your transfer is properly fuzzed place the transfer onto your surface. Make sure the transfer is stuck onto your surface well, and smooth it out so there are no bubbles or wrinkles otherwise the paste/ink may bleed when chalking.


Let’s grab that paste/ink, our paste comes in either a jar or a singles package, our inks are only in the jars. If you have a paste singles pack I recommend having a paint pot on hand or a little jar to store the extra paste in after. Remember a little paste or ink goes such a long way!

Now using your squeegee, spread the paste over the design on your transfer! As you go scrape the excess paste off the surface of your transfer and continue this all over until the entire design is fully coloured in with the paste (as seen in the image above).


Once your design is fully coloured in remove the transfer from the surface. Be careful not to stretch the transfer as you’re doing so, otherwise, the design may become wonky when you go to use it again.

PRO TIP: If you are using paste and taking your time spreading it try our paste and peel method of chalking. This means as you use the paste on a section of the transfer lift that section of the transfer up, revealing your design. Gently place the transfer back on top of the design without smushing it and continue chalking!


Our transfers are reusable! With proper care and cleaning of your transfers, they can last for at least 8-12 uses or more! For more information check out this post here.