Getting Started with Chalk Couture

How to Clean Your transfers for Optimal Use

DID YOU KNOW that our transfers are reusable? With proper care, you can get at least 8-10 uses out of them! I know quite a few people who have even gotten more than that out of some of them too.

It is so important to clean your transfers and take good care of them so they don’t get damaged or ruined.

If you do run into problems with your transfers or any other Chalk Couture product please make sure to contact me right away to get everything sorted out for you.


Your transfers are easiest to clean right after they have been used. If you aren’t going to clean them for a little while make sure to spray them down with some water using our Fine Mist Sprayer and set them aside for when you are ready to clean them. This is especially important if you are using our inks! If left too long the ink can dry and become incredibly hard to wash out of your transfer.

  1. Using cool water run your transfer under the tap. Using any heat on the transfer may shrink it’s size and effect the stickiness of the adhesive.
  2. With a cloth lightly scrub your transfer on either side to remove paste/ink residue. Make sure to be gentle with the adhesive side as we do not want to scrub it off. It is also very important that you do not use any kind of soap on the transfers as it will effect the adhesive.

You can also use a small nail brush to lightly scrub the surface of your transfer only

3. Many of the paste/inks will stain the transfer, this does not affect the durability of the transfer in any way. To lessen the staining use a bit of water and a board eraser. A couple of swipes on both sides of the transfer will help a lot.

PRO TIP! Is your transfer not as sticky anymore? or did you get some pet hair or fluff on the adhesive side? No worries! You can easily fix this with a Lysol wipe. Wipe it across the adhesive side removing the fluff or hair and let dry. Voila, you have just breathed some new life into that transfer and can continue to use it again.

DO NOT use baby wipes on your transfer, the chemicals used in baby wipes will remove the adhesive entirely. I can only vouch for Lysol brand disinfectant wipes, and Great Value brand disinfectant wipes.